Usability and Net Promoter Benchmarks for Consumer Software

Many software companies track and use the Net Promoter Score as a gauge of customer loyalty. Positive word of mouth is a critical driver of future growth. If you have a usable product, customers will tell their friends about the positive experience. And alternatively, a poor user experience will lead customers to tell their friends how unusable a product is. But what are good Net Promoter and Usability Scores?


Service Design: Setting The Stage For The Consummate Experience

Mention service design to your UX colleagues and you may find yourself unwittingly engaged in a game of Buzzword Bingo. Whether you call it “service design,” “holistic design,” “multi-channel experience design” or “cross-channel design,” chances are you’re all talking about the same thing. And your next challenge is defining exactly what you mean when you say “service design.”


Uncovering Context With Mobile Diary Studies

Mobile user research can no longer afford to be confined by physical space and geographic boundaries. People are on the move. If we as researchers are to understand their true behaviours, we need a robust toolset to meet them where they are and understand where they are going.


Developing a UX Practice of Practicing

When we asked UX professionals about practicing, many said, “Sure, I do regular side projects for friends or non-profits.” Side projects are a good thing, but we don’t think it is practice. Because the friend or charity depends on a quality results at the end, the side project resembles work very closely. Practice is different. Good practice focuses on the process, while work focuses on the outcome.


MELBOURNE EVENT - MoMoJUN The Ultimate Mobile User Xperience (UX) on June 20th

MobileMonday is a worldwide community of mobile professionals. This open community promotes the mobile industry and fosters innovation, growth and networking among industry people and their companies by providing opportunities for personal and virtual contacts. Next week’s topic is Mobile User Experience, RSVP is essential if you want to attend. Next Mobile Monday Melbourne is on 20th of June from 6:00pm to explore The Ultimate Mobile User Xperience (UX) …